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The inspiration behind Bring The Joy  sparked from four patient stories that we filmed for Sam's Fans in 2017. With music and art therapy still being relatively unknown, the goal was to feature compelling personal examples of what music therapy can do by interviewing the patient, their family, and their music therapist. Each of the patients and their families have been directly impacted by both music therapy and Sam's Fans, and they all have incredibly powerful stories to share. The videos we produced affected us so profoundly that it set us on a journey to create an entire documentary about the magic of music therapy and to raise national awareness around it. 

We honor and thank these patients and families who were so open and gracious to share their stories with us and with you. We hope these stories give you a glimpse of how important and effective music therapy can be, and why this documentary is so important to create.

We'd also like to thank the Alice and Robert Estrich Fund of The Columbus Foundation which provides incredibly generous grants towards organizations that work with palliative care.


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